Lubricant oil consumption is a serious issue in contemporary engines and in the worst cases it can lead to engine or exhaust treatment system failures. Lubricant oil consumption is a combustible hazard, it increases the regulated hydrocarbon (HC) and particulate (PM) emissions, it decreases oil change intervals, it is toxic to human health (contains for example nitro-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons n-PAH), it contributes to the number of ultra-fine particulates (regulated in Europe), and it contributes to global warming ~100,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

The real-time Da Vinci Lubricant Oil Consumption (DALOC™) measurement system is unique to Da Vinci Emissions Services, Ltd. We offer a turnkey measurement system with the following specifications:

  • On-line system
  • Real-time (instantaneous oil consumption)
  • Tracer = Sulfur dioxide (naturally occurring sulfur in the lubricant oil, sulfur combusted in furnaces)
  • Ultra Violet (UV) excitation and Fluorescence (F) detection and thermoelectrically cooled (US patented)
  • Sensitivity = 10 parts per billion (ppb)
  • Range = 10 ppb to 10,000 ppb
  • Repeatability = ~1%
  • Accuracy = Very high, typically better than 10% in comparison to other tracer methods
  • Fuel = <2 ppm="" sulfur="" concentration="" span="">
  • Use of any lubricant oil
  • Dimensions: Height 72" x Width 36" x Depth 24"
  • CE_Logo certified version

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