Large SUV Gasoline Model Year 2006



R = Repeat test ENG#1 and ENG#2 are two engines in different configurations.

Large Truck Diesel Engine


Da Vinci Emissions Services specializes in measuring exhaust SO2 concentrations below 100 parts per billion by volume in a repeatable and accurate fashion.


Da Vinci Emissions Services specializes in delivering 25-point oil consumption maps with ultra-short iterations times. For truck engines, a 4-day iteration time per design iteration has been proven on larger testing programs.



The real-time, second-by-second, capability enables Da Vinci Emissions Services to capture information about the operation of engine oil consuming components.



The data in Figures 3 and 4 are plotted on the same scale, and represent an engine as received and as returned after DALOC testing. By observing tiny changes in oil consumption, and by swapping various engine components, Da Vinci Emissions Services thus accomplished to reduce the oil consumption level of this diesel engine by about three times. Da Vinci Emissions Services can in a few test iterations reduce oil consumption by 30%+ on most commercial engines.