Advance DALOC Services

Da Vinci Emissions Services can also perform more advanced DALOC testing services.

Advanced DALOC services include separation of the total engine oil consumption (ENG) into engine design component groups as contributors, such as the powercylinder assembly (PC), the turbocharger (TC), the valve stem seals (VSS), and the crankcase ventilation (CCV), please refer to Figure 1:

  1. Map real-time total engine oil consumption (ENG-OC)
  2. Map real-time powercylinder oil consumption (PC-OC)
  3. Map real-time turbocharger oil consumption (TC-OC)
  4. Map real-time valve stem seal oil consumption (VSS-OC)
  5. Map real-time crankcase ventilation oil consumption (CCV-OC)

This data assess which engine component group causes excessive oil consumption of an engine. As a result, the engine manufacturer can conveniently forward the responsibility to the responsible component supplier.


Figure 1. Engine Oil Consumption Broken Into Component Group Contributors.

Furthermore, we can separate into each individual cylinder (CYL):

  1. Map real-time cylinder oil consumption (CYL-OC)

This data highlight if the engine block causes deformation of certain cylinder liners.

Another class of advance DALOC services investigates the impact of varying engine operational parameters or lubricant oil:

  1. Map real-time impact of exhaust backpressure oil consumption
  2. Map real-time impact of lubricant on oil consumption

The former simulates exhaust brake or diesel particulate filter. Finally, we can also offer DALOC services during real-time transients, during coldstarts and warmup, and during break-in:

  1. Map real-time oil consumption and blow-by during transients
  2. Map real-time oil consumption and blow-by during coldstarts and warmup
  3. Map real-time impact of engine break-in and wear

The duration for the most advanced DALOC services varies with the actual task at hand. For a more detailed description, please contact Da Vinci Emissions Services.